Xena Coloring Pages: 16 Printable Drawings

Do you wonder how to become as strong and brave as Xena? The answer is simple: by coloring her adventures! Print or download our Xena and her friends coloring pages, and let your coloring pencil guide you to glory.

Best Xena Coloring Pages:

Latest Xena Coloring Pages:

How to draw Xena:

The story of Xena

Xena is a fictional warrior created by Robert Tapert and John Schulian for the American television series Xena: Warrior Princess. She was portrayed by actress Lucy Lawless. In the series, Xena is a former fallen warrior who seeks redemption by helping people and fighting tyrants and criminals.

Xena's friends

Xena is accompanied by her best friend Gabrielle, a young girl who joins her on her adventures. Together, they face formidable enemies such as Callisto, Alti and Dahak. They also have a loyal friend, Joxer, who helps them in their battles. Color all these characters to immerse yourself in the world of Xena.

Xena's weapons

Xena is known for her exceptional warrior skills and her unique weapons. She primarily uses her spear and shield, but she is also skilled in using the chakram, a sharp metal disk used as a throwing weapon. Add color to these weapons to make your coloring even more realistic.

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