Wild Animals Coloring Pages: 28 Printable Drawings

Are you ready to explore the savannah, the tropical forest and the snow-capped mountains? Then come and discover our amazing wild animal coloring pages!

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Lion Coloring Page

Lions are the kings of the savanna, with their majestic manes and powerful roar. They live in groups called coalitions and spend their time hunting large prey such as gnus and zebras. Print our lion coloring page and add your personal touch to this king of wild animals.

Giant Panda Coloring Page

Giant pandas are rare and endangered animals that live in China's bamboo forests. They spend about 12 hours a day eating bamboo, their main food source. Download our giant panda coloring page and learn more about this threatened animal.

Polar Bear Coloring Page

Polar bears are sturdy animals that live in the Arctic regions. They mainly feed on fish and seals, and they are also excellent swimmers. Print our polar bear coloring page and imagine yourself splashing in the icy waters of the Arctic.

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