Smiley Coloring Pages: 24 Printable Drawings

Looking for a fun way to relax and add some color to your day? Printable coloring pages are the perfect activity! And what if we added some good cheer to the equation by exploring the world of emoticons?

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How to draw Smiley:

The Origins of Smilies

Smilies, also known as emoticons, were first invented in 1982 by Scott Fahlman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He first used them on an online forum to signal messages that were meant to be humorous rather than serious.

How to Draw a Smiley

Drawing a smiley is easier than you think! Simply draw a circle to represent the head, and then draw two dots for the eyes and a big smile for the mouth. You can also add details like furrowed eyebrows to express a different emotion. Don't forget to download or print our smiley coloring page to practice!

Smilies in Pop Culture

Smilies quickly gained popularity and have been adopted in many different contexts, from professional emails to messaging apps to social media. They have become a popular way to express emotions in written communications and are now used worldwide.

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