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Do you want to immerse yourself in the wild world of animals? Then you will love our selection of coloring pages on the theme of Pumas! These majestic felines are filled with mystery and grace, and you will be able to discover them in all their facets by coloring them.

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Puma History

Pumas, also known as mountain lions or cougars, are solitary animals that primarily live in North and South America. They have a high genetic variability and can be of different sizes and colors. Pumas have been widely hunted over the centuries to protect cattle herds and have been almost eliminated in some regions. Today, they are protected by law and their population is stabilizing.

Puma Characteristics

Pumas have a long and thick tail that helps them maintain balance when hunting. They also have retractable claws that allow them to climb trees and cling to their prey. Pumas are both nocturnal and diurnal predators, they primarily hunt deer and elk, but they easily adapt to their environment and can hunt other animals.

Pumas in Culture

Pumas have always fascinated humans, and they have been depicted in many cultures throughout history. Native Americans revered them for their strength and agility, and they have been used as symbols of courage and power. In the coloring pages on this page, you will discover different representations of pumas, some of which show them hunting or resting peacefully.

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