Lego Nexo Knights Coloring Pages: 15 Printable Drawings

Do you want to dive into the world of Lego Nexo Knights, but don't know where to start? Look no further! We have gathered a selection of coloring pages for you to print and download, so you can have fun while discovering these amazing characters.

Best Lego Nexo Knights Coloring Pages:

Latest Lego Nexo Knights Coloring Pages:

How to draw Lego Nexo Knights:

Main Characters

The Lego Nexo Knights are a group of knights who fight against the mad king Jestro and his monsters. The main characters are Clay, Aaron, Lance, Macy, and Axl. Each of them has unique powers and skills that help them in their battle.

Vehicles and Weapons

The Lego Nexo Knights use futuristic vehicles to move and fight. They also have special weapons like lances, swords, and shields that allow them to defeat the monsters. In our coloring pages, you can discover all these elements and color them as you wish.

Buildings and Decors

The world of the Lego Nexo Knights is rich in futuristic buildings and decors. You will discover castles, towers, and fortresses, as well as breathtaking landscapes. Do not hesitate to use all the colors in your box of crayons to highlight them.

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