Knight Coloring Pages: 21 Printable Drawings

What if you became a real knight in shining armor, wielding your sword to save the damsel in distress? With these knight coloring pages, you can make your childhood dream come true and have fun personalizing your own illustrations.

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How to draw Knight:

What is a knight?

A knight is a noble and courteous warrior, often associated with medieval chivalry. He is generally associated with the idea of courage, loyalty, and protection of the weak. Knights were often members of the aristocracy, and they were often linked to religious or military orders.

Knight's armor

Knight's armor was designed to protect them during battles. They were often made of steel and covered with paint or gilded or silver plating to make them more aesthetically pleasing. The armor was also adorned with symbols and patterns that identified its owner. Print and color our knight coloring page to create your own armor.

Knight's swords

Knight's swords were usually made of tempered steel and were used for sword fighting. Knight's swords were often adorned with engravings and symbols, and they were often used as symbols of authority and nobility. Print and color our knight coloring page to create your own sword.

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