Jewelpet Coloring Pages: 41 Printable Drawings

Do you like jewelry and cute animals? Then Jewelpets are made for you! These adorable magical creatures are waiting for you for hours of fun coloring.

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How to draw Jewelpet:

History of Jewelpets

Jewelpets are magical animals that live in a world called Jewel Land. Each of them has a precious stone on their forehead, which gives them special powers. They also have human friends with whom they spend their time playing and exploring their world.

Different Types of Jewelpets

There are many types of Jewelpets, each with their own precious stone and unique characteristics. For example, Ruby is a red rabbit with a ruby stone on its forehead that allows it to control fire. Luna is a blue cat with a sapphire stone that allows it to speak to animals. There are many other Jewelpets to discover, so don't hesitate to print and download as many coloring pages as you want to color them all!

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