Fireman Sam Coloring Pages: 16 Printable Drawings

Welcome to our page dedicated to coloring pages of Fireman Sam! You'll be able to spend hours bringing your favorite characters to life using your favorite colored pencils. So, ready to save the world with Fireman Sam?

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Who is Fireman Sam?

Fireman Sam is a children's cartoon character created by Rob Lee. He is the hero of a television series that started in 1991 and tells the adventures of a firefighting team that comes to the aid of the residents of the town of Pontypandy.

Fireman Sam's Vehicles

In the series, Fireman Sam uses several vehicles to accomplish his mission. There is the fire truck, helicopter, boat, quad and even a motorcycle. Children can have fun coloring these different vehicles using their imagination.

Fireman Sam's Friends

Fireman Sam is surrounded by a very efficient firefighting team but also by friends who help him in his missions. For example, there is Penny who is the little girl who loves Fireman Sam, Elvis who is a dog who loves to play and also the residents of Pontypandy who are always there to help the firefighters.

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