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Welcome to the magical world of Disney coloring! Are you ready to uncover the mysteries behind each drawing? So, put on your best colored pencil and get ready to explore Walt Disney's overflowing imagination.

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Disney Mystery: Frozen

In this coloring page, you will help Anna and Elsa solve the mystery surrounding the kingdom of Arendelle. You can use your detective skills to discover the hidden clues in each scene. Print and download this coloring page to live an incredible adventure!

Disney Mystery: 101 Dalmatians

Join Pongo and Perdy in their quest to find their 99 puppies kidnapped by the evil Cruella de Vil. You will need to be alert and clever to find the clues that will lead to the puppies' release. Print and download this coloring page to live an unforgettable adventure!

Disney Mystery: The Lion King

Embark on an adventure with Simba, Nala, and Timon in the African savanna. You will need to help Simba become the rightful king of the kingdom and defeat Scar. Use your favorite colors to bring this epic adventure to life. Print and download this coloring page to live a memorable experience!

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