Dinotrux Coloring Pages: 15 Printable Drawings

Have you ever drawn a dinosaur that eats trucks? No? Then you're on the right site! We have amazing Dinotrux coloring pages, featuring giant dinosaurs that eat construction vehicles and build incredible things.

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Dinotrux, the modern day dinosaurs

Dinotrux are unique creatures that have been imagined to combine the characteristics of dinosaurs with those of construction vehicles. They are giant, strong and intelligent, and they love building amazing things. Dinotrux coloring pages are perfect for children who love dinosaurs and construction vehicles, as they can have fun coloring their favorite Dinotrux and using them to build their own Dinotrux world.

Printable and downloadable Dinotrux coloring pages

We have a large collection of printable and downloadable Dinotrux coloring pages. You can choose from different characters such as Ty Rux, Revvit, Garby and many others. Use the print and download buttons to print or download the Dinotrux coloring pages of your choice and have fun coloring them.

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