Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages: 18 Printable Drawings

Enter the enchanted world of "Beauty and the Beast" with our beautiful coloring pages to print. Let your imagination soar while discovering the characters of this beautiful love story. Whether you are a child or an adult, these coloring pages will take you on a magical journey.

Best Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages:

Latest Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages:

How to draw Beauty and the Beast:

Beauty's Coloring Pages

Discover our coloring pages of Beauty, the main character of the story. You can print and color her different outfits, as well as her most memorable moments in the story. Let your creativity shine by playing with colors to make Beauty even more beautiful.

Beast's Coloring Pages

Explore the coloring pages of Beast, the mysterious and endearing character of the story. Print the different stages of his transformation to follow his evolution throughout the story. Play with shades of gray to create light and depth effects.

Coloring Pages of Other Characters

Discover the coloring pages of other characters from "Beauty and the Beast" such as the prince, magical objects, and animals. Print and color these drawings to complete your collection of "Beauty and the Beast" coloring pages.

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