Ballerina Coloring Pages: 14 Printable Drawings

Welcome to the wonderful world of coloring! If you're a fan of ballet and adventure movies, then you're going to love our theme for today: Ballerina!

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The Ballerina movie

Ballerina is a French animated film directed by Eric Summer and Éric Warin. It tells the story of a young orphan named Félicie who dreams of becoming a ballerina. With the help of her friend Victor, she sets off for Paris to make her dream come true.

Ballerina Coloring Pages

We have a selection of coloring pages inspired by the Ballerina movie. You can find images of Félicie, Victor, and other characters from the movie dancing or living exciting adventures. Print them out and let your creativity shine as you color them in your own way.

p>By coloring the Ballerina images, you can get to know the characters from the movie and develop your artistic sense. It's also a fun activity for both children and adults. So why not bring these characters to life using your favorite colors?

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