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Coloring universe

The universe is a theme rich in colors and possibilities! In this section, you will find coloring pages of all the elements that make up our world. You can start by coloring the different planets of the solar system, each with its own characteristics. Then, you can tackle the flags of different countries around the world and learn to recognize them. Famous landmarks will also make an appearance in this section, along with the different elements that make up the seasons. So don't wait any longer and let your imagination run wild!

Seasons / Months

We all have a favorite season, the one where we can finally enjoy the sun, or on the contrary, the one where we can snuggle in a blanket with a hot chocolate. From the sweetness of summer to the magic of Christmas, through the colors of autumn and the cold of winter, there is something for everyone!

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring
A pumpkin and an apple basket Two hedgehogs Pumpkins and leaves An image of the word autumn Long live spring, easy and fun A parasol with a beach chair during the summer holidays

Countries / Monuments

Discover the most beautiful flags, monuments, and landscapes from around the world by coloring our stunning pictures! Let your pencil travel and unleash your imagination through these gorgeous images. Color the flags of different countries and learn more about their cultures and traditions.

Big Ben, Flag, Spain, United States, France, House, Eiffel Tower, City
Former Roman city A Flag of Australia City houses apartments landscape Two complex cities A Cuban Flag Paris, the capital of France


In this category, you will find coloring pages of the planets in the solar system! Planets are magnificent celestial bodies to discover, and what better way to understand them than by coloring them? You can dive into the fascinating universe of planets and stars!

Star, Earth Day, Moon, Planet, Sun
Two diagonal lines drawn on a white background A shooting star in the sky with a bird flying Captivating solar system Adult anti-stress activity for Earth Day Halley's comet in space Solar system in model


Discover the most beautiful nature drawings, to color online or print! Flowers, trees, landscapes... There is something for everyone! Children will love coloring these images and will learn while having fun to identify the different elements of nature.

Tree, Rainbow, Starfish, Autumn Leaf, Lily flower symbol, Flowers, Sea, Nature, Palm Tree, Beach, Rose, Tulip
A cute unicorn flying over a rainbow Plants with and without bulbs Different designs of lily flowers Paradisiac island with surf A rainbow and trees A bird carrying a branch